The renovations took forever. It was truly exhausting. But surely we couldn't leave a mess to the city's inhabitants! They deserve the best - for LESS!
- Zoo Man, Global CEO of T.B.C.

Partnership with Dr. Orb and economical explosion

Now in the public's good graces, and with rapid economical growth, T.B.C.'s net worth reaches 3,000,000$ one year after the invasion.

Interested in both T.B.C.'s Portal Gun prototype and Zoo Man's slow-aging abilities, Dr. Orb offers to partner up with Zoo in 1989.

Though Freddit was still recovering from the invasion, Zoo founds the New Freddit City (NFC), setting up the iconic T.B.C. Supermarket and T.B.C. Bank. Simultaneously, both corporations begin rebuilding Freddit City.

Founding of RP City

In honor of its previous fallen community, the newly rebuilt Freddit City is renamed to Reversal Point City (alluding to the reversal of the damage caused by the Invasion), and corporations begin setting up shop in the promising metropolitan area.

T.B.C. is the first corporation to become a city government, and with the success and growth, people coming from NFC flock to RP City.

The profit coming from NFC and RP City branches is unimaginable. T.B.C.'s net worth skyrockets from millions to trillions of trillions of dollars.

Zoo Man creates a new currency, named after the Shroom Island currency, Zoo Testicles, to counter the hyper-inflation (1ZT=1,000,000,000,000$).

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